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Refilling Your Bottle

Spray. Clean. Refill. Repeat.

Smart Tube® technology isn't just smart because it lets you spray every last drop. It also lets you save money by refilling and reusing the bottle.


If your Smart Tube® bottle of Formula 409® All Purpose Cleaner, Glass & Surface Cleaner or Natural Stone & Steel Cleaner is running low, fill ‘er up with more grease-busting power.

Twist Off, Refill

Turn trigger mechanism counterclockwise and pull up to remove. Refill with appropriate Formula 409® cleaner.

Re-attach Trigger

Carefully align the red tipped tube on the trigger mechanism over the tube opening inside the bottle.

Snap To Close

Press straight down on the trigger mechanism until it clicks into place, and you're good to go.

Watch A Demo

This video will help you refill all your Formula 409® SMART TUBE® TECHNOLOGY spray bottles.