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4 Ways to Ring In National Greasy Foods Day

Getting Greasy The American Way

Heads up: October 25 is National Greasy Food Day! That’s your excuse to grab the buffalo by the wings and celebrate the wonderful world of food grease with other food fiends across the country. Here are four fun and freaky ways you can get your grease on. And hey, you’re welcome.

1) Festival of Grease Games image

1) Festival of Grease Games

If you ask us, the thrill of competition can only be surpassed by the glory of grease. So why not round up your fellow food fiends and host your own festival of greasy athletic games? We've found that a good Turducken Toss is a crowd-pleaser, as is the always thrilling, but sometimes messy, Jambalaya Jump. Just don’t forget to top it all off with the granddaddy of greasy games, the Corn Dog Baton Relay.

2) Grease Stain Analysis image

2) Grease Stain Analysis

You've probably noticed that grease stains, much like cloud formations and Rorschach tests, have a funny way of playing with your mind. One grease mark might resemble the Easter Bunny. Another may look exactly like a glazed donut – but to be fair, that stain was probably created by an actual glazed donut. Why not turn this fascinating phenomenon into a new hobby? Seek out your friends’ food stains, and tell ‘em what you see in those shiny, greasy silhouettes.

3) Butter Sculpting image

3) Butter Sculpting

Really, we didn't make this one up. Butter sculpting is a real thing, and quite a respected art form, thank you very much. Now, we wouldn't expect you to pull off a life-size Butter Cow like they do at the state fair. We just figure anyone with a stick of margarine, good air conditioning and a dream can probably whittle up a tiny Empire State Building or mini bust of Beethoven for the mantle.

4) Double Up On Dip image

4) Double Up On Dip

Don’t get us wrong, a classic 7-layer dip is a fiesta in a bowl, but why not go for 14? We've done the math, and if you can dream up 7 more layers to add to everybody’s favorite party dip, it’ll be twice as awesome. So maybe a spicy sprinkling of chorizo is in order, or a crunchy bed of fried pork skins. The possibilities are limited only by the boundaries of your love of grease, so go ahead and layer, player.