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Let Your Grease Flag Fly

These videos and guides are for bona fide grease gurus.

Check out these fun and easy tips and tricks to help throw a fun-filled (and bacon-filled) football game-watching party.

Get the tips and tricks

From corn dog relays to butter sculpting, here are 4 ways to get your grease on.

Try Them Out

Host your own throwdown party where chili recipes go head-to-head.

Get the Recipes

These grease-lovers caught on video put the <3 in gr<3ase.

Watch the Love

America has always had a love affair with grease, and Formula 409® has seen it all.

See The History

America's love affair continues today with bacon grease and fried pickles 'n chocolate. In moderation, of course.

Catch The Latest

Grease is a way of life, but when the party’s over, you gotta cut it loose.

Find Out How